Cleaning and repair

  • Cleaning
  • Hand washing
  • Water damage
  • Pet stain removal
  • Moth damage
  • Pet stain
  • Fringing
  • Reweaving
  • Binding
  • Padding

If oriental rugs have survived centuries in comparatively good condition,it is because of careful treatment oriental rugs will give remarkable long service if treated with proper consideration the beauty and life of oriental rugs are vitally dependent on their cleanliness lack of maintenance will contribute to loss in potential of investment.

California rugs has profound experience in oriental rugs cleaning and restoration our rug experts are always ready to assist you for any of your question regarding your rug care.

Rug washing
all rugs should be hand washed regularly every tow to three years depending on the use and the amount of traffic they undergo periodic cleaning and washing of rugs is very important for maintaining the life of your rug and also the health of your household.

In the process of washing we kill off any mold and bacteria that may have accumulated in your rug’s fiber. So when you get your rug back,it will look and smell like brand new so pick up the phone and call us : 818-715-9999.

You can drop off your rug at our place or we will make arrangement for pick up and delivery.

*Repair, Weaving, Finging, Binding

Nothing gives a room more life than a fancy rug whether it’s a basic area rug or a authentic Persian rug California rugs experts use specialized tactics for restoring your rug back to its original state,this could include weaving ,fringing,binding the sides and so on.

So you want to protect your investment and have your rug refresh and look like when it was new,call us at 818-715-9999.We will come to your house for free estimate and free pick up and delivery.

Cleaning and Repair